F-craft (Furry craft) is a Minecraft server for furries but we welcome everyone.

It all began in January 2011, Hexxy decided to try host a Minecraft server just for fun, there was a small community slowly growing but also a quite tight group. Sadly after just a few weeks he had issues hosting it himself and the hosting was moved over onto Zidonuke.

It pretty much just kept going like previous until the server just suddenly was shutdown without notice after about a total of month of existance.

Thats where I come into the picture, I offered to reboot it which sadly meant that all previous work was lost but people quickly began to join it and the community once again started to grow bigger and bigger.

During the journey the server moved onto more powerful hardware thanks to donations and money from my own pocket. The journey wasn't smooth though, there have been many ups and downs with various issues or problems but it's also problems that has made us grow stronger.

There have been a total of 7 worlds where one is totally lost.

The Minecraft version when the server started was Beta 1.2.