Terms of use

These Terms of Use are subject to the F-Craft.net, it's subdomains, the minecraft.f-list.net minecraft server and any services provided. F-Craft staff and owners reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, without notice or explanation.

I. User Property

User Property is defined as any structure, group of structures, items or naturally generated land that is built, collected, created or established within the F-craft minecraft server by a user or group of users. F-Craft offers no guarantee of safety from griefing, theft, deletion, rollbacks, or any other form of loss or destruction that may cause a user to lose said property or items. Liability for said User Property lies solely with the user, and in the event of its destruction, guarantee no refund or credit for the loss of said property. F-Craft staff reserves the right to delete any form of player property on the server

II. Donations

Donations are defined as any gift, payment or monetary endowment given from a user or non-user to aid in the maintenance of F-Craft, it's subdomains or server. Server ranks may be offered to donators as an additional incentive for donation and guarantee no additional service or leniancy in cases of violation of these terms of use or the server rules outlined herein. F-Craft reserves the right to repeal, modify or add any ranks, perks or donator options as outlined on the donation page (https://f-craft.net/p/donate) at any time, without notice or explanation. Donations are not payment for any service, and do not guarantee partial treatment to any user, and under no circumstances can a refund or credit be given.

III. Rules

Usage of these services implies agreement to the terms of service outlined herein, and all users may be subject to their use. Failure to understand the F-Craft Terms of Use and the F-Craft Server Rules is at the user's own risk of punishment or modification following a violation, which may include but is not limited to: User Property deletion, Rollbacks, Temporary and Permanent bans or kicks, "Gimping" or removal of priveleges.

IV. "No-Harm" Compliance

"No-Harm" Compliance is outlined as the implicit agreement of all users on the server that F-Craft is provided, free-of-charge, as a player-friendly haven for any individual who abides by these Terms of Use and the rules outlined herein. It is in accordance with these Terms of Use that no player shall use the services provided by F-Craft, it's subdomains and any servers provided with the intent to harm, belittle or damage, the property, mental health or sense of security of any of the users or staff.